Blue Mountains Bed and Breakfast
but follow the House Rules

These policies have been created  for the safety and enjoyment of  guests, hosts, staff and household pets. Failure to comply with our house rules may result in the termination of the guest stay. No refund shall be issued. 
Who can stay or use the facilities 
  • We  welcome guests who comply with our COVID-19 policy 
  • Only current registered guests may enter the property or outside amenities
  • The minimum age to book a stay is 25. Children over 12 travelling with their parents may be accommodated in our North Loft Double Queen Suite
  • No pets of any type are allowed
Code of Conduct and Adherence to the Law 
  • Our home is strictly non-smoking/vaping .... any kind of smoking. If a guest wishes to smoke cigarettes outside of the house please ask  for an ashtray and the location of the designated smoking area. This will be determined based on the needs of other guests and hosts.
  • Smoking cannabis on the property is strictly prohibited and may  result in excess cleaning charges. Causing the interior of the dwelling to smell of cannabis will result in excess cleaning charges and repeated breaches of this rule will result in the termination of the guest's stay. No refund will be issued.
  • Any guest using illegal narcotics, excessive alcohol or otherwise anti-socially intoxicated will have breached our house rules and be asked to leave. No refund will be issued.
  • Any guest behaving in a dangerous, threatening or rude manner towards the staff or other guests  will have breached our house rules and be asked to leave. No refund will be issued.
  • Guests must comply with all Town of Blue Mountains bylaws including but not limited to excess noise, garbage and parking violations. If a  law or  bylaw is breached by a guest or persons allowed upon the property by a guest , the registered guest will be liable for the total of  fines imposed by the Town of Blue Mountains or other competent authority, upon the guest AND  the host. Guests will be asked to respect the rights of other guests and hosts at all times,  however quiet hours between 11 pm and 7 am will be strictly enforced. Excess noise between these hours may result in the termination of the guest's stay and no refund will be issued. Good manners and common courtesy will be extended to all guests, hosts and employees of Blue Mountains Bed and Breakfast. Inappropriate behaviour will be grounds to terminate the guests' tenancy without notice or refund. 
  • Use of any products such as incense, perfume, aromatic oils, smoke .... that cause a lasting aroma or stain will be subject to excess cleaning fees which will be charged to the guest's security deposit. Any damages to the property of Blue Mountains Bed and Breakfast caused by a guest or a person allowed on the property by a guest will be charged to the registered guest. Such damages  include but are not limited to : household items, bedding, walls, floors, windows, pool and spa equipment, outdoor furnishings, lawns and gardens.
Pool, Hot Tub and Sauna  may only  be used by registered guests :
  • who have read and agreed to our amenity liability waiver 
  • who have advance booked the use of the hot tub and/or sauna through the Host 
  • who have read and understood the operating  instructions relating to the hot tub and sauna
  • who are not impaired by alcohol or any form of drug including cannabis
  • who are not restricted from the use of such amenities by a health or medical condition 
  • if children, are supervised by one of their parents at all times 
  • hours of use are 9 a.m. to 10 pm unless otherwise posted
  • No glass, china or other breakable objects are permitted inside the pool wall or the sauna. Stainless steel beverage cups are provided in each guest suite. 
  • Guests will only park in their assigned parking space on our property.
  • One parking space is allocated per suite. Street parking is not allowed on our street. If guests plan to bring more than one vehicle, a trailer or oversized vehicle, alternative parking must be arranged in advance. 
  • In no case,  will parking on the lawn or garden be permitted. 
Care and Cleaning of Guest Suites 
  • Guests must take care to protect all surfaces of their suite and common areas from moisture damage, scraping caused by footware or suitcases, damage to walls, doors etc caused by hands, food, clothing or other marking devices. Coasters and napkins are provided throught the property.
  • Guests will place all trash and recyclables in the bins provided. If bins become full, the guest will contact the host to have the trash emptied. 
  • Guests will leave the suite as they found it with the exception of used linens and towels. Linens should be left on the bed and the bed should be left unmade. Used towels should be placed in the shower stall. 
  • Guests will remove all personal food and beverages from the suite and clean any cooking equipment/surfaces that they have used. 
  • Outdoor shoes may not be worn inside the house. Please bring indoor shoes or ask for slippers. 
  • Failure to comply with this policy will result in excess cleaning or damage charges against the guest's form of security deposit. 

Should circumstances  beyond our control arise that result in our inability to provide accommodations to booked guests, the deposit paid by guests will be refunded in full and no further damages will be payable.