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Blue Mountains Bed & Breakfast 
House Manual

Table of Contents

  1. WIFI and Door Passwords

  2. Town of Blue Mountains Short Term Accomodation License

  3. Blue Mountains Bed and Breakfast Fire Safety Plan 

  4. House Rules

  5. Using the Hot Tub

  6. Using the Sauna

  7. Using the Seasonal Pool

  8. Televisions 

  9. BBQ's for guests 

  10. Guest Parking 

  11. Breakfast 

Please visit our website for information on local attractions and dining options. 

1. WIFI and Door Codes

Network name Drake-2019

Network password and door codes These change often please refer to the standup sign inside your suite for the current codes. 

2. Town of Blue Mountains Short Term Accomodation License. 

3. Blue Mountains Bed and Breakfast Fire Safety Plan 

4. House Rules

5. Using the Hot Tub

  5.1 Rules 

Guests must shower before entering the hot tub

Guests must wear traditional swim suits. Street clothing, shorts & tee shirt coverups etc are not permitted.

Coloured beach towels are provided in each suite. Please do not use the white bath towels

No open beverage containers or glass is allowed in/on the hot tub.

We provide stainless steel drink cups with plastic sip lids. 

No smoking in or near the hot tub. 

The hot tub is open all year round unless closed for maintenance or health alerts 

It is open between 9 am and 10 pm daily

Occupancy is limited to the registered guests of one suite at a time

Length of use per guest group is 30 minutes. If other guests are waiting please be considerate. 

Nothing should be added to the hot tub water for example : oils, perfumes, bath products. If guests do add products the tub may need to be closed, emptied,refilled and filter replaced This is a timely and expensive process which will be charged to the guests' security deposit. 

The hot tub must not be used as a swimming pool or bath tub. 

No guest shall duck their head under the water. 

Guests with hair long enough to tie back, must tie it back. 

The hot tub is kept at between 100 and 103 F. Please do not adjust it outside of this range 

Pushing multiple controls at the same time may put the hot tub into programming mode. This can cause the tub to enter Sleep or Standby mode. Either of these will make the temperature drop. If you accidently do this please inform the staff immediately. 

Hot tub maintence is done by the staff. Guests should inform staff immediately if they feel that the hot tub needs maintenance. 

If a guest should inadvertently allow foreign material to enter the hot tub water, they should remove it by hand or with the hand operated vaccum which is located beside the hot tub. 

  5.2 Operation

Approach the tub from the right side and undo any straps that are latched then lift the cover and fold it over the cover on the left side.  Then walk around to the left side, undo strapes and remove weight stones that may be on the corners of the cover. Grasp the strap handle which is located in the middle of the cover which you just folded over top of the left side. While stepping backwards gently pull the cover towards you and down.

Do not attempt to pull it off the hot tub.

As you step backwards the cover will raise up in the centre, pivot over the lifter bar and then swing down to the left side of the tub. 

During winter or in high winds DO NOT OPEN THE LEFT SIDE 

To activiate the jets, press the MASSAGE button once for LOW, twice for High and three times for OFF.

To close, Reverse this process  ensuring that any attaching straps are fastened and weights replaced to their original position. 

Ensure that the cover skirt is on the outside of the tub, not tucked inside. 


6. Using the Sauna 

  6.1 Rules

No food or beverage is allowed inside the sauna. Leave your water bottle on one of the benches just outside the door.

Guests who prefer to sauna naked must place a beach towel down on the bench before laying down otherwise a bathing suit must be worn. 

Traditional bathing suits are the only forms of clothing  allowed. 

Boots/shoes must be left outside of the sauna where the robe hooks are. Clean water shoes or flip flops can be carried to the sauna and then worn inside.

Water and water with eucalyptus are provided in spray bottles. Do NOT spray on the heater or sauna rocks. 

Each guest group use is limited to 60 minutes. If you wish to use the sauna again within the same day please contact the Host.


  6.2 Opertions

The sauna is always locked when not in use. Contact the Host to arrange use and  to get the key and sauna pail. 

Unlock the padlock and remove from the latch. Slide the latch back to open.

The switch for the interior light is located above and to the right of the entry door, on the outside.

On the front lower portion of the heater there are two dials. The left hand dial is heat level which we always 

leave turned to the highest, do not adjust. The right hand dial has large and small numbers. The large numbers are 0 and 1 and represent a 60 minute timer. The smaller numbers are for the delay start function.

To start the heater turn the right hand dial slightly past the large 1, you will hear a click. Then turn the dial back towards the 0. When you hear a second click, stop. The heater will now run for 60 minutes. 

The sauna takes 15-20 minutes to preheat. You can hear a faint sizzling while it is heating up. 

If you wish to leave the sauna in less than 60 minutes, please turn the dial back to 0.

When finished, slide the latch back across the door, insert the padlock and lock it.

Turn off the interior light. 

Return the key to the sauna pail and return the pail to the Host.  

7. Using the Seasonal Pool

  7.1 Rules 

The pool is open seasonally from May Long Weekend until Thanksgiving Long Weekend. 

During this period the pool is open daily from 9 am until 10 pm. Cleaning will be done during this time also. 

No running or horseplay on the pool deck. 

No diving in such a manner that will cause water to splash onto the deck or disturb others. 

Guests must wear traditional swim suits. Street clothing, shorts & tee shirt, cover-ups  etc are not permitted.

Guests with hair long enough to tie back, must tie it back.

Sun loungers may not be placed in such a manner as to obstruct access to the pool on any side. 

The pool area is for relaxation of all guests. Please keep your music low enough that it can only be heard by you.

Pool toys are intended for use in the water. Do not use them on the deck, they will break. 

All maintenance and adjustments to the pool are done by staff. Guests may not enter the pool mechanical room. 

Only currently registered guests may be inside of the pool enclosure or in the sauna. 

Pool loungers may not be reserved on a day long basis. When guests leave for meals or to go off of the property remove they must remove belongings from the lounger. 


All of the televisions inside our guests suites have Rogers Cable, Netflix and Amazon Video. 

Guests may not download any apps onto the property's TVs.

If you wish to attach your computer to watch your own media, replace the HDMI cable afterwards and test that the TV is working properly. 

Power off TVs when not in use. 

9. BBQ's for guests 

We offer two propane BBQ's for guest use.

They are located just outside of the pool gate, towards the sauna. 

BBQ tools are in a container under the BBQ. 

Butane starters are provided in the utensil pails.

There is always a spare propane tank. If your BBQ runs out of propane while in use, turn off all burners, disconnect the empty tank and attach the full one. Inform Laura that a tank needs to be replaced. 

After each use, use the brush provided to scrap the grill clean.

Guests in the North loft should use the utensils from their kitchen and bring the utensils back into their kitchen to clean

Other guests should leave the utensils for cleaning on the credenza beside the Host's BBQ.

After use, guests must remove all unused food  etc. and leave the BBQ ready for use by the next guest.

Food  scraps and trash must be placed in the receptacle beside the BBQs. 

10. Guest Parking 

Each suite is assigned one space suitable for a passenger vehicle. Arrangements for oversized or extra vehicles, campers or trailers must be requested prior to checkin and cannot necessarily be accomodated. 

At all times , guests must only park in their assigned space. 

Parking on the street, lawn or gardens is not permitted. 


We love to cook breakfast for our guests and to see them enjoy it , hot and freshly prepared.

We offer breakfast service between 8:30 and 9:30 am.

If guests  require earlier service please discuss this with the Host directly. If a cooked breakfast is not possible due to an early departure, we can provide a "bag breakfast" with advance notice. 

Later service is not possible. 

Breakfast tables are cleared at 10 am. 

Guests will receive a breakfast menu/order form each evening. 

The form should be completed and returned to the specified location prior to 9 pm. 

Please ensure to list any dietary concerns or restrictions. 

If we do not receive a guest's order prior to retiring for the evening, we will not pester guests but will assume that breakfast is not desired.

Cold items will be set out slightly  prior to the requested time. Hot items will be served very shortly after the requested time. 

If guests do not come to the table within 15 minutes of the requested time, we will assume that breakfast is not desired and clear the table. 

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